A Bexar County jury has awarded a former police officer $1.28 million.  Tomas Padilla was a police officer for the University Health System.  He was terminated in 2009 shortly after complaining that the officer he had replaced was trying to recruit patients and visitors to the hospital to make false claims about Officer Padilla.  Officer

Whistleblowers have a rough row to hoe.  George Green knows this better than anyone.  A former architect for the Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services, he blew the whistle on shoddy building practices at DHHS some 25 years ago.  DHHS fired him in 1989 for alleged sick leave issues.   In 1991, the jury

The Fifth Circuit overturned summary judgment for the employer in Schroeder v. Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union, No. 10-31169 (5th Cir. 12/19/11).  The employee was fired after she complained about violations of law and regulation at a credit union.  Mary Schroeder filed suit based on 12 U.S.C. §1790b and La.Rev.Stat.Ann. § 23:967(A).  Sec. 1790

Bunnatine "Bunny" Greenhouse has settled her lawsuit against the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Bunny Greenhouse blew the whistle on contract violations by KBR for a no-bid contract.  The company was essentially allowed to prepare its own cost projections as a basis for securing a no-bid, no-compete two year contract for work in Iraq.  Ms.

The employee of an Illinois law firm was fired when he refused to cooperate in issuing fraudulent bills to clients.  The law firm claimed the hours performed by an in-hpuse employee were actually performed by an outside investigator.  The firm then billed at the higher rates used by outside investigators.  One of the in-house investigators

A former SAWS employee was awarded $275,000 in state district court here in Bexar County.  See San Antonio Express News report. Kevin Martin claimed he was fired because he reported that employees were improperly exposed to asbestos pipes. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality investigated and found violations. Sounds like a whistle blower lawsuit.