The employer does lose, sometimes.  I wrote about the nurses who complained about a doctor.  See prior post.  The nurses were charged with felonies, which charges were eventually dropped.  They then filed a whistleblower lawsuit and eventually settled.  Their lawsuit became nationally known.  Well, now the doctor they complained about has now suffered his

The federal government has settled a case against a longtime San Antonio medical group.  Kellum Family Medical Practice Associates was accused of falsely billing the federal government.  The lawsuit, a qui tam lawsuit, also known as a whistle blower lawsuit, started when a former employee claimed the Kellum clinic submitted false bills for medicare and

Scroll down to a July 23, 2010 entry and you will see a blog post by Michael Fox, the employer’s lawyer, about a whistle blower case in Maine.  See post.  A supervisor complained about several unsafe situations regarding the men he supervised.  They worked in a warehouse with wooden pallets. The supervisor eventually lost

 Why would an employer provide grounds for a lawsuit to an employee?  It is hard to fathom, but Bexar Metropolitan Water District has fired a business analyst whose warnings about improper accounting practices were supported by a a consultant.  See San Antonio Express News report. Gilbert Herrera’s warnings were well-reported prior to his termination.