Bunnatine "Bunny" Greenhouse has settled her lawsuit against the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Bunny Greenhouse blew the whistle on contract violations by KBR for a no-bid contract.  The company was essentially allowed to prepare its own cost projections as a basis for securing a no-bid, no-compete two year contract for work in Iraq.  Ms. Greenhouse complained about it and suffered retaliation for months and years.  She suffered worsening performance evaluations.  The Corps refused to recognize her achievements.  At one point, a co-worker even set a trip cord for her causing her to trip and fall at work.  See Washington Post report.  

Initially, Ms. Greenhouse objected within the Corps.  She then took her concerns to Congress when the Corps failed to respond.  After speaking in Congress, she was kicked out of the Senior Executive Service and stripped of her Top Secret clearance.   Before all this started, she had been the top action officer for all Corps contracts.  Ms. Greenhouse filed suit.  See National Whistleblowers Center report

Ms. Greenhouse agreed to a $970,000 settlement including lost wages, compensatory damages (emotional suffering) and attorney’s fees.