I previously talked about Alex Jones missing his first deposition date here.The Judge expressed deep skepticism about his absence that first day. Now, he has missed a second day set for his deposition. This is just a crazy litigation tactic. Unless Mr. Jones is in the hospital, he really needs to attend his own deposition. The man who cooperated very little in discovery, and has now missed the first day of his deposition, is really digging a deep hole for himself. There is almost no way to avoid sanctions, at this point.

The Connecticut Judge ordered him to sit for his deposition on March 24 after he missed his first date on March 23. Mr. Jones claimed through his lawyer that a sinus infection prevented his attendance on March 23. But, as the Judge noted, he hosted his podcast on March 23 just fine. And, seriously, a sinus infection? His story is very thin. But, now he missed a second date set by the Judge herself.

Scheduling deposition dates typically is done weeks ahead. Lawyers for both sides must agree on a  date. Missing the first day is bad enough. But, now he has missed a second day set by the Judge herself.

So, the plaintiffs have apparently asked that he be found in contempt and arrested. See AP New story here. This may well become one of those very rare occasions when a party in a civil lawsuit is found in contempt. Mr. Jones’ conduct is extremely bizarre.