Alex Jones and InfoWars provide a good lesson in how not to conduct a lawsuit. Alex Jones and InfoWars are being sued for making false claims that the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre was not real. One of the parents of the murdered children, Neil Heslin, sued Mr. Jones for defamation in Travis County, Texas.

Lawsuits are generally emotional. Both sides feel strong emotions as the lawsuit progresses. It is tempting to seek a megaphone of some sort and proclaim to the world the injustice being foisted upon us. But, only a few of us have the megaphone Alex Jones has. Alex Jones, the infamous Infowars host has been sued

Many of us are concerned about our neighbors in Newtown, Connecticut after the terrible shooting there.  My colleague, Dan Schwartz, at Connecticut Employment Law Blog, mentions that the Sandy Hook Elementary will be moving to a new location for the rest of the school year.  They will need school supplies as if they were starting