I have written before about Alex Jones here and here. The Infowars broadcaster and purveyor of conspiracy theories was found in default against Sandy Hook Elementary plaintiffs in 2021. Now, the parties appear to be engaging in discovery about his income. In the Connecticut lawsuit, they appear to be preparing for a trial just on damages to be awarded to the families. The plaintiffs scheduled a deposition for Mr. Jones. But, he failed to appear. His lawyer appeared for the deposition and told the parties that Mr. Jones was at a medical appointment. Yet, he had just broadcast his show the day before from his studio near his home.

The plaintiffs then filed a motion to compel, apparently. The Connecticut judge addressed a defense claim by Jones that a medical note showed he was confined to his home due to “medical conditions.” At the hearing, the Judge said the medical note was not sufficient evidence for such a claim. As the hearing progressed on March 22, it became apparent that Jones was at that moment broadcasting his show from his studio. The judge then ordered Jones’ attorney to submit a notice indicating from where exactly Jones was broadcasting his show this week.

Alex Jones lost both the Austin and the Connecticut lawsuit because he would not cooperate in discovery. Time after time, he failed to provide requested information. It appears his odd, obstreperous conduct will continue. Usually, parties who act so strangely in a lawsuit will drop out. Those sorts of difficult parties to a lawsuit cannot pay their lawyers. But, so far, Mr. Jones is still paying his lawyers. His conduct is very odd indeed.

See San Antonio Express News report here.