Shoppers at the Wal-Mart in Toronto can now purchase a will for $99. Notarized documents cost $25, a second notarized document would cost $19. The two lawyer partners say their busiest times are between 5 and 8 pm on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays. The lawyers admit up front that they only accept simple

It was a landmark ruling  a year ago when the US Supreme Court reversed class certification in WalMart v. Dukes.  See Workplace Prof.  If allowed to stand, that class action would have been the largest ever.  But, the US Supreme Court reversed.  Now, Wal-Mart got what it wanted, perhaps.  Some 2,000

Wal-Mart has settled Department of Labor claims that many workers were mis-classified as exempt.  Exempt workers are not paid overtime.  4500 workers were part of the suit.  The settlement includes $4.8 million in unpaid overtime wages.  See Workplace Prof Blog.  As Workplace Prof mentions, Wal-Mart seems to always be in violation of one workplace

 Wal-Mart has famously, perhaps infamously opposed union organization in its stores.  They have survived the very few union elections that have been held.  But, they may not survive the latest effort to improve working conditions at Wal-Mart stores.  Organization United for Respect at Wal-Mart (OUR Wal-Mart) does not seek to form a union, but does

 The very large Wal-Mart class action lawsuit is going to the US Supreme Court for review this week.  See CBS news report. The class involves 500,000 to 1.6 million potential plaintiffs. The suit alleges discrimination against women. The suit was initially filed ten years ago in California.  It was most recently the subject of

 It was significant news when a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart was certified a few weeks ago.  Class action lawsuits are always significant, but especially so when the employer is Wal-Mart.  I talked previously about the court ruling allowing the class certification.  See blog post.  

Now, someone at Wal-Mart leaked a report to

 The Ninth Circuit granted class certification in a lawsuit against Wal-Mart alleging gender based discrimination against some 2 million women.  See report.  It was a close 6-5 decision at the court.  The Ninth Circuit heard the arguments en banc, which means the that the Ninth Circuit issued an initial decision.  One of the