Shoppers at the Wal-Mart in Toronto can now purchase a will for $99. Notarized documents cost $25, a second notarized document would cost $19. The two lawyer partners say their busiest times are between 5 and 8 pm on weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays. The lawyers admit up front that they only accept simple wills. Churning out high volume prevents them from devoting a lot of attention to unique estate situations. That also means they will not have to deal with suspicious situations, such as a 95 year old coming in to leave everything to a stranger. See Toronto Star report

I am always suspicious of the mass production of any legal product. But, if these "law offices" can avoid the complicated situations, I do see how they might be able to offer a decent product to folks who might not otherwise have this opportunity. But, still, a will at Wal-Mart? Perhaps, soon, we will have teeth cleanings at McDonald’s and vision checks at Starbuck’s….