It was a landmark ruling  a year ago when the US Supreme Court reversed class certification in WalMart v. Dukes.  See Workplace Prof.  If allowed to stand, that class action would have been the largest ever.  But, the US Supreme Court reversed.  Now, Wal-Mart got what it wanted, perhaps.  Some 2,000 individual lawsuits have now been filed all across the country as the former class members entered into individual lawsuits instead.  

The lawsuits all allege gender based discrimination at Wal-Marts.  The point of class actions is to consoildiate similar cases, so the courts will not be swamped with multiple lawsuits all alleging the same thing.  Many employers would object to similar lawsuits all appearing in many different forums all at about the same time.  But, this is what Wal-Mart said they wanted.  They worked hard for years to overturn that class certification.  As Chris McKinney says at Texas Employment Law Blog, be careful what you seek because you just might get it….