Well, sanctions were dismissed against Judge Sharon Keller, after all.  See San Antonio Express News story.  A special panel appointed by the Texas Supreme Court agreed with Judge Keller’s lawyer that the Judicial Commission could only issue a censure, recommendation for removal or dismissal of the case.  No public warning was possible, said the

Judge Keller’s appeal fails with no comment from the court.  See report.  The Texas Supreme Court rejected Judge Keller’s appeal.  See prior post.  Keller appealed the Commission’s public warning, arguing the Commission was authorized to sanction her or not sanction her.  Judge Keller argued in her appeal that issuing a public warning was

Judge Sharon Keller has been issued a public reprimand for her conduct involving the attempted appeal of death row inmate Michael Richard.  See San Antonio Express News report.  Judge Keller sits on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state’s highest court for criminal cases.  As readers will recall, Judge Keller refused Richard’s lawyer’s

Judge Sharon Keller’s lawyer made his final arguments to the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct.  He argues defensively that the protocol she was expected to follow was not in writing at the time.  He said the TCJC has completed a poor investigation.  He accused the lawyers for the executed killer, Michael Richard, of telling

 Judge Keller’s trouble continue.  She still has a hearing in June regarding the execution and attempted appeal of Michael Richard.  And, now she has been assessed a fine of $100,000 for issues regarding her financial disclosure form.  See report.  The Texas Ethics Commission has levied a $100,000 civil penalty because she failed to disclose all

 Judge Keller of the Court of Criminal Appeals is not out of hot water, yet.  The Court of Criminal Appeals, of course, is the highest court in Texas for criminal cases.  So, her case is significant.  See San Antonio Express News report.  The special counsel appointed in her case recommended that she suffer some

 It is concerning that Judge Keller says she would do nothing different if the same situation arose.  She is the same judge who years ago drafted an opinion regarding a man wrongfully convicted of rape.  DNA evidence exonerated the man after spending many years in prison.  When the appeal came through the CCA, she wrote

As often happens in trials, there is substantial dispute over what happened when lawyers for Michael Richard seeking more time.  The call went to Ed Marty, general counsel for the CCA.  He has given different statements about happened.  In one account, he says he told the duty judge, Cheryl Johnson, that the lawyers called.  In

 Well, Judge Keller admits she knew something.  She admitted that when the call came, she knew at a minimum that the lawyers for Michael Richard called about the execution and they were not ready to file something.  See the San Antonio Express news story.  That is pretty damaging.  Its common knowledge that shortly before

 I do not know what happened, but, yes, if a judge fails to follow procedure, then that is a problem.  The trial of Sharon Keller started yesterday.  She is presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals.  That means, she is the chief judge for the highest court in Texas regarding criminal cases.  If she