Well, sanctions were dismissed against Judge Sharon Keller, after all.  See San Antonio Express News story.  A special panel appointed by the Texas Supreme Court agreed with Judge Keller’s lawyer that the Judicial Commission could only issue a censure, recommendation for removal or dismissal of the case.  No public warning was possible, said the special panel.  So, the public warning issued by the Judicial Commission was null and void.  

Go figure.  I predicted different results.  See prior post.  One would think that a panel empowered to recommend removal would have the implied power to issue a public warning, a step short of censure or removal.  But, the panel disagreed.  . 

Judge Keller will go forward with a cloud over her head, unfortunately.  She will always be known as the judge who performed imperfectly one time.  The standard for Judges and lawyers is no mistakes. We do err on occasion.  Most mistakes are "fixable" in some way.  Refusing a late filed motion for a man’s execution is not. 

We now know that many people are found guilty who were actually innocent.  DNA evidence has overturned too many supposed murder and rape convictions in the past 20 years.  One can only hope that the inmate Judge Keller allowed to be executed was not such a person.