Well, Judge Keller admits she knew something.  She admitted that when the call came, she knew at a minimum that the lawyers for Michael Richard called about the execution and they were not ready to file something.  See the San Antonio Express news story.  That is pretty damaging.  Its common knowledge that shortly before a scheduled execution, lawyers will file something to try to stop it.  But, this was even more true since at the time the US Supreme Court was considering accepting a challenge to the lethal injection system.  

The big question will be, for pete’s sake, she did not refer such a call to the duty judge, Cheryl Johnson.  Reading between the lines, it looks to me like she believed she was simply stating a fact.  But, if she knew at a minimum they were not ready to file something and it was very likely they wanted to file something, she had to know there was an issue of some sort – an issue that must go to the duty judge.