I wrote about Ricardo Romo previously here. He was placed on leave from his position as president of the University of Texas at San Antonio. When he was first placed on leave, he pledged to clear his name. Now, he has decided to retire. He does not explain the entire situation but suggests he

Wow, I am speechless. In a 2013 interview, Donald Trump, Jr. said women who cannot handle life in a big corporation should go teach kindergarten. He was speaking about sexual harassment in the workforce. According to the Huffingtonpost report. First, as the proud parent of two sons, I have spent my share of time

Well, I have wondered why someone like Donald Trump, who routinely makes prejudicial statements, has not been sued for discrimination. The answer is he has been sued. Or, at least, one of his golf courses was sued for discrimination. One of his Florida golf courses was sued in 2012 because he pressed management to replace

Some women call is “mansplaining.” They refer to the process in which a man will talk over them at a meeting and interrupt women to explain their position. At the recent presidential debate, Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 51 times. She interrupted him 17 times. Mr. Trump interrupted the female candidate 26 times in the

Gretchen Carlson has settled her sex harassment case for $20 million and a public apology. See CNN news report. Fox News paid a portion and according to one report, so did Roger Ailes. It is one of the largest settlements ever for one person in a discrimination lawsuit. It also included a public apology. Fox

Roger Ailes has been forced out as CEO of Fox News. He submitted his resignation after Rupert Murdoch offered him millions of dollars to retire. I wrote about the sex harassment allegations against him here.

He will continue for some period of time as advisor to Mr. Murdocch. When Megan Kelly added herself to

Gretchen Carlson has filed suit against Fox News and Roger Ailes for sex discrimination. Ms. Carlson was Miss America in 1989 and is attractive. In her lawsuit, she accuses Mr. Ailes of ogling her, repeatedly commenting about her legs, and once told her she was sexy but “too much hard work.” Nine months ago, he

 The state appeals court in Austin looks at what is sexual harassment and what is not.  Sex harassment refers to the situation in which a woman (or a man) is harassed without explicit requirement of a sexual relationship.  Sex harassment simply refers to harassment short of an explicit  relationship.  in Twigland Fashions, Ltd. v. Miller

 The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (federal court) covers the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.  The Fourth Circuit and the Fifth Circuit (Texas, Louisiana and Mississiippi) are the two most conservative courts of appeals in the country.  So, it is news when the Fourtth Circuit overturns summary judgment in favor of the employer.  In