Well, I have wondered why someone like Donald Trump, who routinely makes prejudicial statements, has not been sued for discrimination. The answer is he has been sued. Or, at least, one of his golf courses was sued for discrimination. One of his Florida golf courses was sued in 2012 because he pressed management to replace “unattractive” female employees with better looking workers at his golf course in Florida. One former employee testified that she heard Mr. Trump tell managers many times that the restaurant hostesses were not pretty enough and needed to be replaced.

The employees themselves would rotate hostesses to make sure ether best looking women were working when Mr. Trump would visit. His predilection a so well known that that they conspired to save their jobs.  The “bulk” of the lawsuit was settled with some employees for $475,000 in 2013. Another woman entered into a separate confidential settlement. That is a huge amount when compared tot he average discrimination lawsuit. See CNN news report. Those sorts of comments by Mr. Trump are considered direct evidence of discriminatory bias.

And, just when I thought this was the only discrimination case against Mr. Trump, there is this account of a sex harassment lawsuit filed by a Florida woman in the 1990’s. Jill Harth was in a long-term relationship with George Houraney. The couple sought to use some of Trump’s properties for their various contests, one of which was a beauty contest. Ms. Harth accused him in a later lawsuit of continually groping her, at meetings, at restaurants, everywhere. She accused him of trying to rape her. See New York Times report.

Ms. Harth and Mr. Houraney eventually had to sue Mr. Trump when he walked away from their written agreement. Even later, she became his girlfriend for a time when he was breaking up with Marla Maples. Even today, in the last few months, she tried to obtain work from Mr. Trump working on his makeup and hair. What an odyssey.

I am just surprised he has not been sued more.