Wow, I am speechless. In a 2013 interview, Donald Trump, Jr. said women who cannot handle life in a big corporation should go teach kindergarten. He was speaking about sexual harassment in the workforce. According to the Huffingtonpost report. First, as the proud parent of two sons, I have spent my share of time with kindergarteners. That is no easy task. But, really, women should be able to “handle” sexual harassment? That is wrong on so many levels. How does a woman “handle” it when she is held to higher standards and only finds out about those higher sales goals when she is being escorted out the door? How does a woman “handle” it when she is fired while out on pregnancy leave? How does anyone “handle” it when upper management engages in biased evaluations of your work?

What to think about a young man who has those views at such an early age? We are accustomed to older men holding onto out-dated views. Perhaps, those views are not as out-dated as we would wish.