An internal investigation by the UT system found that UTSA President Ricardo Romo more likely than not engaged in sexual harassment with three female employees. Mr. Romo would engage in lengthy hugs with the women. Pres. Romo described these hugs as “abrazos.” Maybe. But, someone as smart as Dr. Romo knows not to throw around one’s cultural norms at work. The work place is different. I expect he tried this story and it just did not fly with the UT system. That is why he is being forced out early.

One female employee said Mr. Romo told her she looked beautiful, he had taken many pictures of her and then asked for a hug. Another said he made one female worker’s life miserable with his frequent, lengthy hugs.

William McRaven, the UT chancellor, received two complaints about Pres. Romo within two weeks of each other in January. An investigation followed. If this was Mr. Romo’s best explanation, the abrazo explanation, it is not surprising he was fired early. See San Antonio Express News report.