Some women call is “mansplaining.” They refer to the process in which a man will talk over them at a meeting and interrupt women to explain their position. At the recent presidential debate, Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 51 times. She interrupted him 17 times. Mr. Trump interrupted the female candidate 26 times in the first 25 minutes. Researchers at Brigham Young University and at Princeton have food that men dominate 75% of the conference room discussions at work. When I mentioned how many times Mr. Trump had interrupted Ms. Clinton, one local female attorney nodded her head in avid agreement.

A few San Antonio area female managers confirmed they had experienced “mansplaining” at their jobs. Trish DeBerry, CEO of the DeBerry Group, a marketing firm in San Antonio, said she has not experienced such “mansplaining.” The city has a female mayor and female City manager, she noted. She seems to think this area is a little better and more respectful. See San Antonio Express News report.

But, certainly, one female candidate experienced some form of mansplaining at one recent debate…..