One of the more difficult problems for employers is harassment by unknown co-workers. The law was designed for harassment by supervisors. It functions not so well when the harassment is caused by co-workers. In Tolliver v. YRC, Inc., No. 17-10294, 2018 US LEXIS 17806 (5th Cir. 6/28/2018), African-American workers were harassed in various ways

In another case about immigrants, Pres. Trump’s racist remarks about immigrants were used as evidence against him. This judge, Edward Chen in San Fransisco, ruled in favor of the immigrants partly based on the President’s comments about Mexican immigrants, about Muslims and about immigrants from some African countries. Judge Chen ruled that to the extent

According to Donald Trump, many Mexican immigrants are rapists. He defended his comments later. See Business insider report. They also bring drugs and crime. But, some, he says, are good people. All I can say his experience with Mexican immigrants is far different than mine.

Surprisingly, Sen. Ted Cruz supported Mr. Trump in making

Racism comes in degrees. A wise man once said we are all racist to some degree. Well, one truck driver in East Texas is way off to one degree. On the back of his pick-up truck, he has professionally painted a picture of a a banana and Pres. Obama wearing Somali garb. The tailgate asks

Sebastien De La Cruz sang at the NBA Finals in San Antonio, just as he did a year ago. The little boy who wears a charro outfit while singing. Charros are Mexican cowboys. Sebastien is a Mexican-American. He is as American as you and I. Yet, when he sings the national anthem at the NBA

Donald Sterling responded to the NBA’s attempt to force him to sell his team. Mr. Sterling insists the "illegal" recording made during a "lover’ quarrel" should not be used to oust him as owner. Mr. Sterling did not intend the recording to ever see the "light of day," said his lawyers. The lawyers’ statement, instead

Donald Sterling has apologized for making racist remarks. I previously wrote about his racist remarks here. He says his comments were "terrible" things to say. But, he adds in the CNN interview, he was "baited" into making them. He suggests he should be entitled to one mistake in his 35 years as owner. He

One of the wonderful things about employment law is that employers have several ways to avoid liability for "stupid" things management might do. One big tool in the employer’s arsenal is the prompt remedial action. If an employee complains about harassment, the employer can investigate and then take "prompt remedial" action. If the employer does

So, now the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, has announced that Don Sterling will be forced to sell his team, the San Diego Clippers. The NBA relies on entertainment dollars. It cannot afford a team with such a despised owner. But, can the NBA force him to sell his team? What happened to free enterprise?


It is a remarkable development for Texas.  Dan Patrick, candidate for Lieutenant Governor received 41% of the vote.  He will be in a run-off with the incumbent, David Dewhurst.  Mr. Dewhurst only garnered 28% of the vote.  It is remarkable because Dan Patrick has made numerous racist statements as part of this campaign and other