Donald Sterling has apologized for making racist remarks. I previously wrote about his racist remarks here. He says his comments were "terrible" things to say. But, he adds in the CNN interview, he was "baited" into making them. He suggests he should be entitled to one mistake in his 35 years as owner. He said he did not know why "the girl had me say those things." See CBS news report

Ok, he did not actually say those things, after all. His half-Hispanc, half-black girlfriend "made" him say those things. . . .  This is a story with a lot of twists and turns. His girlfriend, V. Stiviano, is a minority herself. She grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Would a white man who dates a minority hold racist views? Well, the statements about avoiding blacks speak for themselves. Racism is rarely neat and tidy. Racism is rarely as clear and apparent as white hooded robes. 

I am glad Mr. Sterling apologized. But, he does not sound ready to accept full responsibility for his statements. And, this is not his first "mistake." He has been sued in two major lawsuits for housing discrimination. Housing discrimination lawsuits are quite rare. I am sure those two lawsuits were only filed because the evidence was overwhelming. His former coach, Elgin Baylor, sued him for discrimination. Mr. Sterling’s statements are simply his latest "mistake."