Sebastien De La Cruz sang at the NBA Finals in San Antonio, just as he did a year ago. The little boy who wears a charro outfit while singing. Charros are Mexican cowboys. Sebastien is a Mexican-American. He is as American as you and I. Yet, when he sings the national anthem at the NBA Final games, folks from around the country tweeted that he was an "illegal" and asked why a Mexican was singing the national anthem. No, he is no more a Mexican than I am Irish, German or French. See San Antonio Express News report (account required).

"San Antonio’s Little Mariachi," as he is sometimes called, was a semifinalist on America’s Got Talent in 2012. He was a last-minute replacement at last year’s NBA Finals. He likes to wear the charro outfit. Why not? He was subjected to racist tweets last year. After he sang last night, more racist tweets followed. Now more experienced, Sebastien sighs, and suggests people stop being childish. The 12 year old responds, "I am who I am, and nobody can tell me different." That is wise advice for anyone subjected to racism.