Is a person a racist if s/he uses racist epithets?  Paula Deen admitted to using the n- word to describe African-Americans many times in her deposition.  On NBC’s "Today" show, she admitted to using the n- word just once in her life.  Ms. Deen is from the South.  Despite what the Supreme Court may say

I have talked here about how a judge’s personal background will affect his/her judicial opinions.  Now, it seems one judge’s personal beliefs may reveal her own motivations.  Judge Edith Jones, once considered for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, has regularly affirmed dismissals and summary judgments in discrimination cases.  She has expressed some impatience with

Part of the problem in identifying racism is we as a country do not agree on what "racism" is.  I remember back when I was in college in Ft. Worth, Texas in the 1970’s, a local federal judge was accused of racism because he sometimes used the n-word.  Today, most of us would agree that

He dumped dead raccoons in their driveways.  He hung signs in trees with vulgar racist sayings.  He frequently blocked a bus for Special Education students with a tractor.  Danny Eldridge did all this to drive a family which included a Jewish mother and the couple’s nine adopted black children out of their subdivision.  Mr. Eldridge