It is a remarkable development for Texas.  Dan Patrick, candidate for Lieutenant Governor received 41% of the vote.  He will be in a run-off with the incumbent, David Dewhurst.  Mr. Dewhurst only garnered 28% of the vote.  It is remarkable because Dan Patrick has made numerous racist statements as part of this campaign and other campaigns.  In a prior campaign, he argued that the illegal immigrants from Mexico must be stopped because they bring diseases with them.  In the current campaign, he has unabashedly insisted that the "invasion" from Mexico be stopped.  

Mr. Patrick’s rhetoric is no different from anti-immigrant rhetoric at least since the 1850’s when the Know Nothing party targeted Irish Catholics.  That he has found some political success is not germane to this blog.  But, it is ironic that what helps him win elections would also serve as useful evidence against him in a discrimination lawsuit.