According to a recent Washington Post news report, KBR and Halliburton required its contract employees in Iraq and Afghanistan to not report fraud or waste.   They required contract employees to sign confidentiality agreements.  To any veteran of the two wars, that requirement is offensive.  We received many of our support services from KBR (owned

Richard Sherman, the cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, stopped the potential winning touchdown pass in the closing seconds of a playoff game with the Forty-Niners.  He was interviewed immediately after and exclaimed that is what happens when you try the "best cornerback in the game!"  When you try me with a "sorry receiver like Crabtree."

You have worked as a clerk at a school district for some ten years.  You have sought promotion but have been turned down.  You are a woman and realize that some men are getting paid more than you for similar work.  You see some pertinent documents and take them home to make copies, since you

I write a blog.  For me, a blog is commentary, not a news source.  I cannot imagine trying to cover news from a blog.  But, Roger Shuler has been doing just that with his blog, Legal Schnauzer.  And, now he has been arrested for defamation.  

Mr. Shuler writes a blog from Brimingham, Alabama.  He

Back before we had courts of law, we had trials by combat to decide the truth of a civil dispute.  If your cow tromped through Sir Reginald’s hedges, then Sir Reginald could challenge you to a sword fight to decide who was at fault.  Now, we engage in a slightly more fact based approach.  But

This is a blog.  Blogs are growing in popularity.  On this blog, you can find my name and contact information easily.  But, a few blogs are anonymous for various reasons.  One such blog, "Reynolds News & Information," was started by an anonymous blogger known as "Trooper."  The blog attacked an Ohio based software developer, Reynolds

A Seguin man has died from his wounds suffered in Afghanistan.  SSGT Richard Vazquez served in the Special Forces (i.e., the Green Berets).  His wounds were inflicted by an IED (roadside bomb).  SSGT Vazquez graduated from Seguin High School in 2004, where he played on the football team.  He was the quarterback his senior year.

Capt. William Swenson received the Medal of Honor this week from Pres. Obama.  Capt. Swenson received his award for the same battle in which LCPL Dakota Meyer received his Medal of Honor.  I previously wrote about Dakota Meyer here.  Capt. Swenson exposed himself to enemy fire repeatedly to bring back soldiers trapped in an

Maj. Nidal Hasan killed a dozen soldiers and one civilian as they worked on paperwork or waited for their turn in preparation for a deployment to Afghanistan.  I previously wrote about the incident here and here.  A jury of senior Army officers deliberated for two hours and found that he should be put to

Ok, Texas workers do not have many rights, but they do surely have the right to work in a reasonably safe environment.  A Houston man has sued his former employer for allowing and encouraging tasering of the plaintiff.  Apparently, Bradley Jones was tasered some 24 times in his last nine months at Fred Fincher Motors.