Back before we had courts of law, we had trials by combat to decide the truth of a civil dispute.  If your cow tromped through Sir Reginald’s hedges, then Sir Reginald could challenge you to a sword fight to decide who was at fault.  Now, we engage in a slightly more fact based approach.  But, one Englishman hoped to bring back the trial by combat.  Leon Humphreys was ordered to pay a £25 fine for a driving offense.  He failed to pay the original fine and he did not remove his motorcycle from use on the roads, as ordered.

Ordered back to court, Mr. Humphreys claimed his ancient right to trial by combat.  He said that under the European human rights legislation, trial by combat was still available.  He insisted the Driver and Vehicle Licesning Agency nominate a champion to fight him with "samurai sword, Ghurka knives or heavy hammers."  He said later he would have beenwilling to fight to the death. 

That does seem like an intense challenge for a £25 fine, about $60.  The magistrate denied his request and fined him £200 with £100 costs.  As with U.S. Magistrates, if one makes a joke in court, it better be very good joke……    See The Telegraph report