Way back when, I worked in a warehouse.  Safety was not a major concern, since we had never had an accent to my knowledge.  But, safety was emphasized.  I was always gratified when I would hear management remind us to be safe and not to take chances climbing shelving or tossing boxes.  And, before the warehouse job, I worked one summer as a flagman for a road crew.  For a few days, I had to wave my flag on the big bridge over Corpus Christi Bay, with several careening cars heading right toward me.  Several times, i gave serious consideration to jumping off the bridge to avoid those crazy drivers.  So, I have always appreciated workplace safety.

So, when I see Tesoro refusing to allow federal investigators on their premises to investigate an acid leak, I get suspicious.  See San Antonio Express News report.  And, since seven workers were killed at another Tesoro refinery in 2010, there should be some concern about safety at Tesoro facilities. 

Maybe, there is a good reason to block an investigation regarding worker safety.  I know many employers do not trust any government agency, much less a federal agency.  But, surely, if workplace safety is paramount, Tesoro could find a way to cooperate.