So, Alex Jones finally took the stand in the defamation case against him. I have written about that ongoing trial here and here. Perhaps, it is not surprising that he was not honest during his testimony. Mr. Jones claimed he was bankrupt and he claimed that he cooperated with discovery requirements during the lawsuit. The latter statement is flat false. And, whether he is bankrupt or not is far from decided. He only filed for bankruptcy last Friday. The judge fussed at Mr. Jones for his flat lying – while the jury was out of the court room. Judge Gamble told him this was not his show.

It is certain that there was an order in place that the bankruptcy should not be discussed during trial. Something like that is very prejudicial. Alex Jones had to know he could not mention that.

The two parents, Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis also testified. One of the allegations in the lawsuit is that Mr. Jones said it was not true that Mr. Heslin held his dead son, Jesse, in his hands. Mr. Heslin said he did indeed hold his son in his arms. He described the six year old Jesse’s injuries.

Scarlett Lewis, Jesse’s mom, also testified. She said she was a real mom. Jesse was real. She asked Jones if he really believed she was an actor. He said no, before the judge told him he should not answer questions. Both parents described the hell they have endured. Mr. Heslin’s car and home have been shot at. Both parents are regularly confronted by strangers at home and on the street. They receive frequent death threats.

See San Antonio Express News report here for more information.