Well perhaps it is not surprising that Alex Jones disregarded the Judge’s instructions to not discuss the case with anyone. Of course, Alex Jones and Infowars host Owen Shroyer discussed the current Travis County trial on his show. The Judge pressed Mr. Jones’ lawyer, Andino Reynal on that issue. The lawyer assured the judge no one discussed the evidence or witness testimony from the trial. Judge Gamble said she would watch the episode, suggesting she may take some action depending on what she sees.

Litigation 101: do not annoy the judge without a very good reason. Do not ignore her instructions without a super good reason.

Later, outside the courtroom, Mr. Andino said Alex Jone is who he is. It’s a free country. Yes, it is. And, the judge is free to find parties in contempt. 

On the third day of the trial, Judge Gamble refused to allow the video to which the parents objected. This video appears to have been evidence which was produced long after the discovery deadline. Mr. Jones’ lawyer, Andino Reynal apologized in court, apparently regarding his outburst the day before. When testimony resumes, they start with the producer Daria Karpova. The defense, Mr. Reynal, asks her about other people who believed the Sandy Hook shooting was not real.

Infowars host Owen Shroyer then took the stand. The plaintiffs, the two parents, played video clips showing Mr. Shroyer casting doubt on the veracity of Neil Heslin, the father of one of the slain children and a plaintiff in this suit. But, on the stand, Mr. Shroyer refused to admit he had called Mr. Heslin a liar or that he ever suggested the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was not real. Heslin, looking at Mr. Heslin and the mother of the child, Scarlett Lewis, said they did deserve better coverage than what he gave.

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