The case of the mysterious Ken Paxton machinations continues to develop. I previously wrote here and here about the whistleblower allegations against him. Four of his fired aides filed a lawsuit. Their lawsuit papers provide further details about their allegations. They allege that real estate developer Nate Paul was helping Mr. Paxton remodel his house and agreed to hire Paxton’s mistress. In return, AG Paxton helped Mr. Paul settle a lawsuit and investigate Paul’s business adversaries. The lawsuit describes Paxton’s “bizarre, obsessive use of power.”

In January, the AG’s office filed a motion to dismiss the whistleblower lawsuit. The motion claimed that the AG was not a public figure under the Whistleblower Act. Good luck with that argument.

The lawsuit also alleges that AG Paxton issued a legal opinion helpful to Mr. Paul’s business. Mr. Paul’s business was able to use that legal opinion to avoid foreclosure on several of his properties. See Texas Tribune report here.

It is always risky to predict lawsuits. But, as I mentioned previously, these four aides were top level AG officials. It is very unlikely they lack evidence for their allegations.