As expected, Ken Paxton has provided generous lawsuits to his former deputies. Four of his recently fired senior assistants have filed suit based on whistle blowing. They allege they were fired because they reported violations of law by AG Paxton. see my prior post about their whistle blower complaints here. The lawsuit rightly notes that AG Paxton defamed the assistants. He referred to them as “rogue” employees. Of course, it will be intercity to see how AG Paxton explains why so many of his top level assistants were “rogues.”

Mr. Paxton fired the assistants just weeks after they reported him to the FBI. His actions represent classic retaliation for whistle blowing. The petition provides detail about the AG’s relationship with Nate Paul, a developer in Austin. The AG had secret meetings with Mr. Paul after Mr. Paul’s offices and home were raided by the FBI. AG Paxton leaned on his deputies to allow the release of documents related to the FBI investigation of Mr. Paul. The petition also states that Mr. Paxton routinely cycles through “burner” cellphones.

But, for the assistants, the final draw came when AG Paxton appointed an outside lawyer to investigate Mr. Paul’s claims that the FBI violated law when it raided his home. The assistants rightly noted that such an investigation as beyond the purview of the AG’s office. They also felt the investigation lacked basis. The outride lawyer then obtained 39 grand jury subpeonas. The assistants believed those subpoenas were beyond th scope of the matter. It appeared the subpoenas were intended to harass law enforcement agencies and to support Mr. Paul’s civil lawsuits.

The lawsuit was filed by James Blake Brickman, David Maxwell, J. Mark Penley and Ryan Vassar.

See San Antonio Express News report.