Often when a new boss comes in or when a company simply changes hands, you find your job at risk. We would all like to know as soon as possible if our job is at risk. So, what are some good warning signs that you may be fired soon? The ABA Bar Journal borrowed some signs from the Wall Street Journal. Here are six warning signs you are about to be fired:


  1. Your supervisor avoids discussing long-term projects with you. The WSJ offered an example regarding a marketing executive who could not obtain budget approval for an upcoming trade show.  
  2. You hear rumors that your supervisor is looking for your successor. Yes, that should make anyone nervous about his/her stability. 
  3. Colleagues avoid you. They heard the rumors and apparently believe them to be true. Now, they avoid the inevitable drama. They may exclude you from meetings. 
  4. An executive coach is hired to help you. The coach may simply represent a perfunctory exercise prior to the end. 
  5. You are asked to justify your job. In one case, an executive who switched roles learned that his boss had no clue what he did in the new role. The executive was later asked toretire because the new role was not a good fit. 
  6. Your boss suddenly interferes with your handling of employees. One executive’s job was eliminated after his boss started leading his meetings. 

See ABA Bar Journal report

It is always better to not lose your job. But, to be warned, is to be prepared. Do not ignore these clues.