The employer does lose, sometimes.  I wrote about the nurses who complained about a doctor.  See prior post.  The nurses were charged with felonies, which charges were eventually dropped.  They then filed a whistleblower lawsuit and eventually settled.  Their lawsuit became nationally known.  Well, now the doctor they complained about has now suffered his own repercussions.  He has been placed on probation for four years by the Texas Medical Board.  The TMB oversees doctors.  See Austin American Statesman report.  

Dr. Rolando Arafiles can continue to practice medecine if he obtains additional training.  The board essentially substantiated the two nurses’ complaints regarding improper treatment of patients.  The Board also found that he tried to intimidate the two nurses.  

Dr. Arafiles was also indicted in January on charges of misuse of official information.  The charges allege that Dr. Arafiles asked the County Sheriff to investigate the two nurses after they complained anonymously to the TMB in 2009.  Both nurses were fired from the hospital where they had been employed for years. 

The nurses secured a settlement in their whistleblower lawsuit.  Now, they have the rare vindication of a ruling by a state agency.