Add this to the list of things not to post on social media: “Eww I start this &$#@ *$% job tomorrow” – followed by seven thumbs down. That is what @Cella posted on Twitter the day before she started a new job. Her employer heard about it and fired her – on Twitter. Cella is

This may be where many employers will be heading.  Athletic departments at The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech University have been using a service to monitor social media of their players.  Texas A&M University also used a service from 2008 until 2012.  The service monitors the social media accounts of the players.

 A few months back, the US Army in Afghanistan started tweeting about events in that war zone.  They tweeted when the terrorists attacked civilians and killed women and children.  The Taliban responded with a tweet critical of US forces.  See report of one exchange between the good guys and the Taliban.  In this exchange a

 Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, they are all the rage.  These websites present amazing opportunities to network and stay in touch.  A friend of mine has family all across the US.  They stay in touch with Facebook.  But, for all the possibilities, these websites also present risk.  Chris McKinney explains the risks in his true story of