A few months back, the US Army in Afghanistan started tweeting about events in that war zone.  They tweeted when the terrorists attacked civilians and killed women and children.  The Taliban responded with a tweet critical of US forces.  See report of one exchange between the good guys and the Taliban.  In this exchange a few weeks ago, the US Army tweeted, how long will the Taliban continue to put innocent Afghans in harm’s way?  The Taliban responded "I dnt knw. U hve bn pttng thm n ‘harm’s way’ fr da pst 10 yrs. Razd whol vlgs n mkts. n stl hv da nrve to tlk bout ‘harms way.’"  

You can’t make this stuff up….. 

Now, an Israeli law center is threatening to sue Twitter unless they remove the twitter access for groups like Hezbollah and Al-Shabaad.  The Shurat HaDin law center has cited a US Supreme Court case finding it unlawful to support terrorist organizations. 

Sen. Joe Lieberman has also started efforts in the US Senate to require Twitter to block Taliban use of tweets.  See blog post about these efforts to shut down free speech on the internet.

Yes, modern warfare does involve the internet….