Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, they are all the rage.  These websites present amazing opportunities to network and stay in touch.  A friend of mine has family all across the US.  They stay in touch with Facebook.  But, for all the possibilities, these websites also present risk.  Chris McKinney explains the risks in his true story of someone who lost a job because of Twitter fun.  But, Michael Maslanka explains how social networking websites are the future and discusses how one company actually allows an hour a week for "facebook" time.  

I kid my son about spending too much time on facebook.  I tell him he does more "work" on Facebook than homework.  Not true, of course, but you see my point.  Shoot, I have my own Facebook page.  It really is a great way to stay in touch or re-connect with old friends.  But, like all concerned employment lawyers, I have to warn you all that there are indeed risks…..