The workers at Tesoro Refineries and other refineries have gone on strike. The companies were engaged in talks to avoid a strike, but the talks broke down. Is that surprising? Workers today are exposed to and required to commit illegal or simply unethical acts with some frequency. The refinery workers were required to work overtime

Tesoro Corporation has sustained a second acid spill at the same refinery.  I wrote about the first acid spill here.  It appears that the first acid spill was worse than Tesoro first suggested.  The Chemical Safety Board described the latest information about the first spill as "eye-opening."  See San Jose Mercury News report.

Way back when, I worked in a warehouse.  Safety was not a major concern, since we had never had an accent to my knowledge.  But, safety was emphasized.  I was always gratified when I would hear management remind us to be safe and not to take chances climbing shelving or tossing boxes.  And, before the