I go to Starbucks sometimes. In my experience, they always fill my coffee cup with too much coffee. It is hard to add cream., because there is so much coffee. But, I choose to live with it. Some folks have chosen not to live with it. Drinkers of lattes objected because Starbucks under-filled their cups.

The McDonald’s coffee cup case from New Mexico some 20 years ago is often cited by folks alleging lawsuit abuse. What those folks do not know is the coffee was kept at a very high temperature (above 160 degrees) despite many complaints, the lady suffered third degree burns on her inner thigh and the McDonald’s

 You’re a waiter.  Do you split your tips with the bussers?  How about with shift supervisors?  In a recent decision, the California appeals court found that the public expects the tips collected in a tip jar at Starbucks would be split with the shift supervisors.  I don’t know what I expect when I leave