You’re a waiter.  Do you split your tips with the bussers?  How about with shift supervisors?  In a recent decision, the California appeals court found that the public expects the tips collected in a tip jar at Starbucks would be split with the shift supervisors.  I don’t know what I expect when I leave a tip.  But, you see the sorts of things a judge will look at when they make a decision.  They make their best guess regarding what the "public" thinks, sometimes.  A judge’s life experiences make a big difference in a close decision like this one.  The court indicated, according to this report,  it would have made a different ruling if the tip had been left specifically for the barista.  So, apparently, the court decided that tips left in a tip jar were intended for employees in general, not specifically for the barista at the counter. 

BTW, this decision reversed a $100 million decision in favor of the baristas.  It will surely be appealed.