I go to Starbucks sometimes. In my experience, they always fill my coffee cup with too much coffee. It is hard to add cream., because there is so much coffee. But, I choose to live with it. Some folks have chosen not to live with it. Drinkers of lattes objected because Starbucks under-filled their cups. The latte drinkers filed suit. They argued Starbucks under-filled the cup by filling the top 1/4 inch with foam. Foam is not part of the drink, they argued.

The court disagreed. A federal judge in California dismissed the lawsuit. The plaintiffs essentially conceded that milk foam is indeed part of the drink. No reasonable consumer, wrote Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, would be deceived into thinking the foam was not part of the drink. Too, Starbucks pointed out their cups are slightly bigger than advertised to make up for that 1/4 inch of foam. See ABA Bar Journal report.

Yes, justice lives…….