Alex Jones really is the oddest litigant in a lawsuit. He is siting through a second trial for defamation. This time, his trial is in Connecticut state district court. Like the prior trial in Austin, he violated discovery orders and eventually was found in default. So, the trial is not about whether he actually defamed Sandy Hook families, but about how much he owes those eight families.

The pressure must be weighing on him. He snapped during his testimony. He said he was tired of apologizing for making false claims about the Sandy Hook families. He has apologized 100 times and that is enough, or so he said. The presiding Judge Bellis has already warned him to avoid his outbursts and told him he has to follow the court rules. Mr. Jones called the judge a tyrant outside of court. So, of course, the plaintiff lawyer asked him about that comment. The plaintiff lawyer also asked him about his comment that the court was a “kangaroo court.”

Disrespecting the Court

Juries do not follow all the legal arguments. They have trouble digesting a fire hose of evidence. But, they understand when a party is disrespecting the court. Mr. Jones is really making his case worse and worse.

The two sides argued over the scope of Jones’ answers many times. Each time, the jury was sent out of the courtroom.

At one point, the plaintiff lawyer told Mr. Jones that the Sandy Hook families were real people. Jones shot back, “Just like all the Iraqis you liberals killed and love.”  A bit later, the plaintiff lawyer told Mr. Jones that these families in court had lost “children, sisters, wives, moms.” Jones replied, “Is this a struggle session? Are we in China? I’ve already said I’m sorry hundreds of times and I’m done saying I’m sorry.” See Politico news report here.

His testimony is a text book example of how not to testify. His behavior is very strange for someone who, we assume, wants to win this trial.