Increasingly popular during the pandemic are apps known as “bossware” and “tattle ware.” These software programs allow supervisors to track the work performed by work-from-home employees. These apps can monitor websites visited, log key strokes, take screenshots and even record video and audio. But, do such apps violate an employee’s privacy? Some states, such as

There are a lot of myths out there about employment law. From time to time, I talk about a few of those myths.

At will
“At will” employment means an employee can be fired for anything.” Texas is an at-will state. An employee can indeed be fired for a lot of things, but not for

 You would think an average prosecutor has better cases to prosecute.  A Michigan man is facing charges of felony computer misuse.  The man, Leon Walker, used his wife’s email password to review her gmal account.  In reading her emails, he learned that she was having an affair with another man.  See MSNBC report.  The

I talked about the school issued missing computers last May.  See blog post.  The Philadelphia school district then activated the webcams on the laptops in the hopes of finding them.  But, as it turns out, most were not stolen, at all.  So, the district inadvertently downloaded thousands of pictures of various families in their

Personal emails at work are sometimes protected from intrusion and sometimes not.  The email system belongs to the employer.  One indicator that work generated emails may be protected occurs when the employer allows some personal use of email.  See the case discussed at one blog post.  But, see another case discussed at a different