You would think an average prosecutor has better cases to prosecute.  A Michigan man is facing charges of felony computer misuse.  The man, Leon Walker, used his wife’s email password to review her gmal account.  In reading her emails, he learned that she was having an affair with another man.  See MSNBC report.  The couple has since divorced. 

The crime, felony computer misuse, was intended to prosecute identity theft and theft of trade secrets.  A privacy law writer wonders if a wife can expect privacy on a computer shared with a spouse.  I think I have the same question.  But, privacy or not, doesn’t the District Attorney have real criminals to chase? 

Note:  in a recent CBS  news report, the prosecutor says Leon Walker downloaded the material in a "contentious way."  See report.  Mr. Walker says he learned his wife was cheating on him with her second husband.  Leon Walker was concerned because Husband No. 2 had beaten the wife, Clara walker, in front of her young son, who she had with Husband No. 1.  So, Leon Walker provided the emails to Husband No. 1 to help protect the young son.