One of the major surprises for me after returning from twelve months in Iraq was the anti-Moslem bias in my country.  Now, five years later, I suppose that is to be expected.  Very few Americans know any Moslems.  And, of course, we are all very faimiliar with the eighteen murderous Moslems that attacked us on

The Department of Justice has filed suit against a school district in Illinois, near Chicago, because the school refused to allow a Moslem teacher time off to go on the Hajj.  The Hajj is a requirement for Moslems who are financially and physically able.  They make a trip to Mecca and pray.  It is said

 I try to talk on this forum about employment issues and discrimination in general.  Since I am an Iraq veteran, I also discuss the war from time to time, typically simply to note the death of a local soldier killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.  So, when a local governmental entity itself expresses some form of

I do not understand.  I read polls saying Americans disfavor a mosque near Ground Zero and many Americans prefer not to have any mosque near their homes.  And, yet, I do understand.  If I had not spent 12 months in Iraq serving in the Army and working closely with several Iraqi, Moslem interpreters, I might

 Early reports (always suspect) are that the shooter at the Ft. Hood massacre was motivated at least in part by some sort of Islam fervor.   See this post also.   But, his cousin was quoted as saying the shooter was very upset by the horrors of war.  Maj. Hassan counseled many soldiers at Walter