I previously wrote about the attack at Ft. Hood by Major Hassan here and here. Now, the victims of that attack have received some recogntion. The military service members received Purple Hearts and the civilian victims received the civilian Defense of Freedom Medal. The widow of CW2 (Ret) Michael Cahill received the Defense of

Maj. Nidal Hasan killed a dozen soldiers and one civilian as they worked on paperwork or waited for their turn in preparation for a deployment to Afghanistan.  I previously wrote about the incident here and here.  A jury of senior Army officers deliberated for two hours and found that he should be put to

 Early reports (always suspect) are that the shooter at the Ft. Hood massacre was motivated at least in part by some sort of Islam fervor.   See this post also.   But, his cousin was quoted as saying the shooter was very upset by the horrors of war.  Maj. Hassan counseled many soldiers at Walter