I try to talk on this forum about employment issues and discrimination in general.  Since I am an Iraq veteran, I also discuss the war from time to time, typically simply to note the death of a local soldier killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.  So, when a local governmental entity itself expresses some form of prejudice, I cannot help but notice.  The Texas Board of Education has passed a resolution to limit references to Islam in future textbooks.  The resolution probably has little binding effect on future boards.  See report.  

But, it sends a message.  I fear the message is that Islam itself is "bad," not just the jihadist extremists.   If the TBOE message is that Christianity is good, I agree.  But, I wonder why do we need that particular message for an agency that chooses text books?

When I returned from the Iraq war in 2006, I could not help but notice some anti-Islam comments here at home in the US.  In Iraq, I served with many Iraqi interpreters.  They took the same risks we did.  Indeed, they probably took more risks, since their families were exposed in ways ours never would be.  And, of course, as some readers know, my interpreter, Salma, was killed shortly after I left the country.  When Ansar Al-Sunna killed her, they warned all other translators working with the US to leave their jobs before "we get you."  Yes, the Ansa Al-Sunna terrorists were very brave to attack and seize a five foot tall woman traveling the long, dusty road from Kirkuk to Tikrit.  

I have written here about an interpreter I refer to as Abdul.  Abdul was a wonderful person and very brave.  He was devout.  Salma was not particularly devout.  Like Christians, Moslems come in many flavors and varieties.  So, I have not been able to understand these broad generalizations about Moslems.  I am glad I will never have to explain these stereotypes to Salma.  But, I fear I might have to explain them to Abdul someday.  

Ironically, Abdul would probably smile, shrug and forgive.  The only Moslems who will profit from anti-Islam prejudice are Moslems like Al Qaeda and Ansar Al-Sunna.  The TBOE resolution is rather "cuckoo" as one member said.  Bit, it will surely aid the terrorist recruiters.