Family Medical Leave Act

 The Family Medical Leave Act was passed twenty years ago this week.  To learn a little more about the FMLA, see this overview.  Or, you can see the Department of Labor’s summary of what the FMLA has done for American workers.  Its hard to believe now, but there was a time when workers could

The Family Medical Leave Act provides that an employee can take time off from work to care for a family member.  But, "caring" for a family member means the employee must be in close and continuing proximity to the family member.  So, the Fifth Circuit denied an appeal by a father who argued that frequent

Russ Cawyer posts about the coming demise of the so-called "no fault" leave policy, better described as fixed leave policies.  He notes that the EEOC has been aggressively pursuing companies who implement such policies.  Under these policies, once an employee has been out on leave for a certain length of time, the employee is terminated

 A Detroit law firm requires secretaries to wear heels.  Until just a few years ago, they used teacups and saucers for coffee.  This is a traditional law firm.  One woman injured herself wearing heels.  Her heel caught on the carpet.  She hurt her back.  She had to take medical four times as part of her

Paid maternity leave is virtually nonexistent in the US.  Even unpaid leave is not a given.  Since, the Family Medical Leave Act only applies to employers with 50 or more employees.  A worker must have worked for the employer some 12 months prior to requesting the FMLA leave.  According to one public agency, the FMLA