Not many people realize that to receive unemployment benefits, an applicant must be willing and able to work. That is why a person receiving unemployment must certify each week that s/he is looking for work. And, what if a worker is off on FMLA leave? Could that person receive unemployment benefits? The court in Texas

So, now, the fox will guard the henhouse. Gov. Abbott appointed Julian Alvarez to the Labor position on the Texas Workforce Commission board. The three person board is supposed to include one member representing employers, one member representing labor, and one chairman. Gov. Abbott replaced the long-time labor board member, Ronald Congleton, with Mr. Alvarez,

When a person is fired through no fault of their own, it is a huge psychological blow.  That emotional setback is compounded when the Texas Workforce Commission denies the newly unemployed person’s claim for unemployment benefits, or worse, shows bias toward the employer.  One poor woman worked for a very demanding person.  The male CEO

Sometimes, its the little things that lead to employment lawsuits.  At one Wisconsin law firm, the receptionist, Sandy Weidner, was expected to make the coffee in the morning.  One morning, someone failed to make the coffee.   Annoyed, management looked at Ms. Weidner’s time card and noted several alleged instances when Ms. Weidner failed to

The corporate world can be harsh.  Mega Corporation takes over slightly Smaller Corporation.  New management takes over the local sales office.  For unknown reasons, new management decides they need new sales representatives and a new regional manager.  New management lays off seven people total in the local office.  Four out of the seven have just

In Texas, unemployment benefits are awarded to employees who lose their job through no fault of their own.  That is the general rule.  It is one area in Texas employment law where fairness carries some weight.  The process starts when the employee files a claim for benefits.  Texas Workforce Commission will then request a statement

 Written counseling is important.  I have advised and represented small business owners.  The best protection from a false claim is written counseling made at the time of the alleged infraction.  Even the most basic workplace will have scratch paper somewhere.  You as a manager need to include the basics:  what the employee did wrong, when

Texas Workforce Commission appears almost designed to undermine legitiimate employee claims for unemployment benefits.  I receive one or two calls every year from recipients of unemployment benefits who were overpaid unemployment benefits through TWC errors and now, TWC wants their money back.  TWC essentially tells them to pay it back or else.  

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