I have previously written about joint employers. See my posts here and here. TheTrump administration tried to make it harder to show a joint employer relationship. It adopted an interpretive regulation which the DOL thought would make it harder to prove joint employers. But, the court in State of New York v. Scalia,

Employers, if they are doing their job, should counsel an employee in writing for a serious offense. Part of that counseling is the need to verify that the employee has received the written warning and understands it. That is why the employer will ask the employee to sign the disciplinary warning. Signing does *not* mean

One of the wonderful things about employment law is that employers have several ways to avoid liability for "stupid" things management might do. One big tool in the employer’s arsenal is the prompt remedial action. If an employee complains about harassment, the employer can investigate and then take "prompt remedial" action. If the employer does

 My friend Gene Lee wrote a good post about how long discrimination lawsuits can take.  He refers to statistics showing that from start to finish, the average lawsuit will take 22 months.  That sounds about right for the San Antonio area, also.  Here in South Texas, we can file the typical discrimination lawsuit in state

 According to a recent study by Manpower and Jury Verdict Research, employers won only 39% of jury cases in the past year, tied for the lowest percentage in this decade.  The lowest win rate was 33% for age cases and the highest win rate for employers was disability cases with 52%.  The median settlement amount

 Employer Support of the Guard/Reserve (ESGR) sends out a DVD to help employers mange their Reserve/Guard employees.  Having served some 25 years in the Guard/Reserve, I am very familiar with ESGR.  They did well for a Guard colleague some ten years ago.  The colleague returned to his civilian job from a US Army school, but

Personal emails at work are sometimes protected from intrusion and sometimes not.  The email system belongs to the employer.  One indicator that work generated emails may be protected occurs when the employer allows some personal use of email.  See the case discussed at one blog post.  But, see another case discussed at a different