Minnesota Labor & Employment Law Blog discusses how an employer can mess up an employment case.  In Hamm v. Minnesota, the state eventually agreed to pay Hamm $250,000 to settle her claims. The law firm at Minnseota Labor & Employment Law discusses the things the employer did wrong: accusing Hamm of transgressions that by their own policy were not Hamm’s responsibility; the state disciplined Hamm alone out of 150 other attendees at a particular conference; and the list goes on.

The author’s point is that better review would have prevented handing over a strong case to the plaintiff employee.  The author generally represents the employer.  Someone should have reviewed these claims to make sure they made sense.  The employer’s case always gets better when they hire a lawyer.  As Minnesota Labor & Employment Law mentions, fresh eyes do make a difference.  

But, it is alsp true that the worst offenders often have too much hubris to seek out a fresh pair of eyes. The worst offenders get into trouble, in part because they think they do not need help.