Employer Support of the Guard/Reserve (ESGR) sends out a DVD to help employers mange their Reserve/Guard employees.  Having served some 25 years in the Guard/Reserve, I am very familiar with ESGR.  They did well for a Guard colleague some ten years ago.  The colleague returned to his civilian job from a US Army school, but his employer changed his job dramatically.  ESGR was able to correct this mistake with a few phone calls.  

But, since then, we have entered into a major war that relies on Guard/Reserve soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines.  The problems have multiplied.  Since I do discrimination cases, I hear of many such military discrimination cases.  Military discrimination cases have also multiplied.  Unfortunately, some of my colleague plaintiff employment lawyers have had negative experiences with ESGR.  Some of my fellow plaintiff employment lawyers have found ESGR to rely too much on persuasion and slow to recommend to an unsophisticated Guardsman to seek legal advice.    I heard so many ESGR presentations as a Guardsman and Reservist, I hope this is not true.  

But, ESGR did move from DOL to DOD after the wars were well under way.  So, I suspect there was some problem.  Lawsuits, I believe, are the last resort.  ESGR can prevent many problems before they become lawsuits.  I hope they do.  Us civilian soldiers face many issues that active duty soldiers never will. 

For example, in the Guard/Reserve, the better you perform your Guard job, then generally, the more you put your civilian job at risk.  That is a real concern for a great many part-time soldiers.