Well, Attorney General Ken Paxton cannot say he is surprised. The Texas Bar Association has taken action against his bar license. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Texas Bar first sued Paxton’s First Assistant, Brent Webster. Mr. Webster signed the same very weak lawsuit that AG Paxton filed in 2021. I previously wrote about

Attorney-General Ken Paxton is determined to get into trouble. He filed that very weak lawsuit in 2021 seeking to overturn the 2020 election results. Sixteen Texas lawyers, including four former Texas bar presidents, filed an ethics complaint about that weak lawsuit. In Texas, any person can submit a complaint about a lawyer’s ethical practices. I

You know, you just cannot make this stuff up.  A disbarred lawyer was recently arrested for an outstanding warrant of felony fraud.  He was found with $12,000 in cash in his car and another $838,000 in cash in a rented storage room.  He had some guns with the $838K.  

But, that is normal for